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2000 AD - Super Summer Special 2014

2000 AD SUMMER SCI-FI SPECIAL 2014 (PP #1120)


From Rebellion/2000AD. In Judge Dredd: Jinxed! a mysterious statue causes no end of problems for Dredd, in this story by Emma Beeby, the first female writer to script Dredd! In Robo-Hunter: The Bodj Job, Sam Slade finds himself trapped inside a future IKEA -- where robots are being recycled into weapons of war! In Rogue Trooper: The Dregs of War, the Genetic Infantryman comes under attack by a new Nort weapon, where even the dead can be weaponised! In Orlok, Agent of East-Meg One, infamous spy and saboteur Orlok travels to Brit-Cit to get his hands on some secret technology! In Future Shocks: The Exposé, a reporter uncovers the truth behind a company's malfunctioning robots! In Durham Red: The Calling, vampire bounty hunter Durham Red returns to what she does best -- hunting down the galaxy's most feared criminals!