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Accel World - Anime Part 2/2 Ep13-24 DVD [REGION 4]

Accel World - Anime Part 2/2 Ep13-24 DVD [REGION 4]


They’re on the verge of collapse.

Haruyuki Arita has come a long way from being the poor bullied boy at school. Now in the Accelerated World, Haruyuki is the feared Silver Crow, who’s risen high in the ranks under Kuroyukihime’s tutelage. However his goal to fulfill her dream and uncover the secrets of this mysterious world as a Burst Linker is coming under jeopardy.

A new kid in the world, Nomi Seiji, is misusing his powers for personal gain and Haruyuki’s life is coming into his firing range. At the risk of losing both friends and Kuroyukihime, Haruyuki needs to acquire new powers and stop Nomi before he ends the Accelerated World.


Release Date: June 4th 2014