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Bleach - Anime Collection 24 (Eps 317-329) DVD [REGION 4]

A New Threat to the Soul Society Arrives!


With Aizen's defeat, peace has returned to the both the Soul Society and the World of the Living. But soon reports begin to surface of Soul Reapers going missing in the Precipice World, and Ichigo is a prime suspect. He and Rukia go on the run from the 13 Court Guard Squads, while in the World of the Living, Kon finds an unconscious girl lying in the street. When Ichigo and Rukia find out more about the girl, Nozomi, they realize their world, as well as the Soul Society, is in danger, and the Soul Reapers pursuing them and Nozomi are actually imposters known as Reigai, who have switched places with the missing Soul Reapers! 


Contains episodes 317-329.


Classification: M - Animated violence


Subtitles: ENGLISH

Number of Discs: 2

Runtime: 325.0 mins

Format: DVD

Copyright: © Tite Kubo/Shueisha, TV TOKYO, dentsu, Pierrot