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Negima! - Manga Vol 31



(W/A/CA) Ken Akamatsu
Magical Annihilation
Cosmo Entelekheia attacks, wiping out citizens of the Magical World left and right, and his class are devestated by the loss of so many of their friends. In deperation, Nodoka stikes back. Thanks to her efforts, all the secrets of the Magical World will be revealed.
Series Overview:
10-year-old Negi Springfield has just graduated from a British school for wizards. After meeting with the school headmaster to discuss his graduate work assignment, he finds that he will be moving to Japan--to teach English at an all-girls high school. Under strict instructions not to show his magic powers, Negi finds that he can't resist using them to help others. Of course, despite his good intentions sometimes his magic just makes things even worse!