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Pandora Hearts - Manga Volume 003

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(W/A/CA) Jun Mochizuki


Having returned from the infernal Abyss only to find his whold world changed, young “sinner” Oz Vessalius embarks on an attempt at normalcy after being reunited with his best friend and valet, Gilbert, whom he had presumed dead. But during a trip into town with Gil and Alice, an unexpected encounter leads Oz down memory lane…For Oz, however, the path is one covered with the most menacing of thorns. And lying in wait to assail him there…the baleful eye of his father the the echoes of cursed words Oz would much rather forget…
Series Overview:
Heir to an aristocratic family, Oz Vesalius is a carefree teen, until his 15th birthday. His entire world changes at his coming of age ceremony when dark forces rise to punish Oz for the sins of a past life. Incarcerated in a prison known as the Abyss, Oz's life and perhaps his sanity are saved by a black rabbit called Alice. As Oz plunges deeper down the proverbial rabbit hole, he must unravel the mysteries surrounding him before falling into the clutches of the shadowy cabal called Pandora!