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Toaru Kagaku No Railgun S - Mikato Misaka CU-Poche Figure


Mikoto Misaka  Cu-Poche Figure


For their newest Cu-Poche Figure, Kotobukiya turns to the popular series Toaru Kagaku No Railgun S with the Mikoto Misaka Cu-Poche Figure!

Mikoto features interchangeable face parts to display different expressions, accessories such as a sword and teddy bear, and magnets in her feet for extra stability on the included display base!

Mikoto has 14 points of articulation, providing for a wide range of posing options.

Cute, “deformed” style figure is small and portable, yet features a high degree of posability for fun on the go!

Display alone or alongside other Cu-Poche figures from Kotobukiya!

Stands at 11 cm tall
Non Scale